Pathfinders and Resource Lists

The Monotheistic Three – This pathfinder is designed to guide Lakewood Montessori middle school students through their exploration of Judaism, Christianity and Islam.  It includes links to creation stories, interactive timelines demonstrating the the progression of religion, basic introductions to the different faiths and much more.

Genetics – This set of resources was developed in conjunction with Lakewood Montessori teachers to support student learning about genetics, particularly Punnet Squares and Monohybrid crosses.

American Memory – This set of resources was developed to support eighth grade language arts students at Walkertown Middle School in their research on American memories in conjunction with their study of The Giver.

Foundations of the Universe and the Solar System – This pathfinder, intended for an audience of high school students, is based on one competency goal in the North Carolina course of study for high school students in the area of Earth/Environmental Science, which states that “the learner will acquire an understanding of the earth in the solar system and its position in the universe”.  This pathfinder focuses on the specific objective for students to “analyze the theories of the formation of the universe and solar system”.  It was developed with my partner Elizabeth Koehler for a class project at UNC SILS.