Instruction is an essential part of my job.  Through collaborative planning with classroom teachers, I support students by incorporating the Information and Technology Essential Standards into lessons around the classroom curriculum content.  Explore the lessons examples below to see how this works in practice.

Blogging Controversial Topics – We are embracing the 21st century by using blogging as a way to reflect and learn.  Over 9 weeks, we will be exploring controversial topics and the power of a well-supported argument through online discussion.  Students will follow guidelines for blogging and guidelines for commenting.  By the end of the unit, they will be able to blog ethically and responsibly; participate in a respectful and academic online debate; support my arguments and points of view with reliable resources; create links, embed photos and share information with my colleagues and the world; and credit their sources of information.

Genetic Disorders– Students who were highly successful in their understanding of Mendelian genetics worked in the learning commons with me on researching genetic disorders.  To demonstrate what they learned and share their knowledge with their classmates, these students created Glogs, interactive online posters. Over the course of this unit, they  worked on science curriculum as well as Information and Technology skills by evaluating web resources for reliability and then creating a resource to support the learning of their classmates.

Creative Commons Lesson – Students were creating an ABC biography book for their language arts classes and needed to support their paragraphs with copyright compliant images.  I worked with the team of four Language Arts classroom teachers to develop a collaborative unit. The classroom teachers focused on helping the students with their “The Perfect Paragraph” skills, and I focused on developing their searching, downloading and sharing of copyright compliant images.  We developed a rubric for the holistic evaluation of students final products. I purposely designed the accompanying pathfinder to enable students and teachers to follow the lesson independently if they were unable to attend one of the lessons in the learning commons. Over the course of one week, I worked with all 185 students in our school.

Israeli-Palestinian Conflict – One of our social studies teachers was concerned that her advanced students weren’t being sufficiently served in their study of Israel and palestine.  The textbook offered only an overview of such a complicated issue, and she wanted them to be able to dive more deeply.  I partnered with her to plan an inquiry based project where students would research Israel and Palestine over several weeks, blog about their research as they went, and create a newspaper in the form of a wiki to share with their classmates and the world upon the completion of the project.  You can see the pathfinder I developed- which includes the essential questions for the project- and visit the class blog, where students practicing their blogging etiquette for the first time by responding to my posts in comments.