Teaching & Learning

Vision & Philosophy

I created a podcast about my vision for a school library media center and my philosophy for teaching and learning in the school library.  You can listen to a 5 minute podcast of my Vision & Philosophy statement or read the transcript on Slideshare.

Instruction and Collaborative Planning 

In my role at Lakewood Montessori, I regularly partner with classroom teachers to deliver instruction and support research.  Many of these lessons work to support Information and Technology Essential Standards through the content of the classrooms.  Please visit the Instruction page to learn about my role as an instructional leader.

Pathfinders & Resource Lists

I regularly create web based resources in my capacity as school librarian, as well as during my time as a graduate student and as an intern.  Visit the Pathfinders & Resources Lists page to explore some of the web based materials designed to support teaching and learning for students and teachers.


While the role of the school librarian is certainly rapidly evolving in the world of e-books and digital literacy, reading and writing is still at the core of our profession.  Helping students find a book they enjoy or information they need is one of my greatest joys.  Supporting students in empowering themselves through literacy is the most important thing we do as teachers and school librarians. Visit the Literacy page to learn about some of the ways I work to promote literacy development.

Driving Through Time Educational Resources

For my job as a graduate research assistant at the Carolina Digital library and Archives, one of my main responsibilities was to create educational resources for K-12 classrooms to complement the sites resources. I developed several units and individual lesson plans.  Additionally, I developed digital stories about aspects of the Parkway.  Please visit the classroom resources page to explore these resources.